Sonic Academy How To Use Serum with 7 Skies

Sonic Academy How To Use Serum with 7 Skies TUTORIAL

Sonic Academy How To Use Serum with 7 Skies TUTORIAL
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How To Use Serum with 7 Skies

Regularly getting voted the number one softsynth in the world today, in this instalment of ‘How To Use’ we tackle the beast that is ’Serum’.

Who better to lead us through this vast synth than one of the original factory preset designers, none other than ‘7 Skies’.

Over this epic 7 hour course, (yes, 7 hours on one synth!) David takes you through every knob, fader, matrix, FX and envelope of this deeply versatile synth. Not only that, but the last four videos are dedicated to creating some highly useable presets – showing you some real world examples of how to pull the best out of the synth that has take the electronic music world by storm.

Tutorial 01 – Overview
Tutorial 02 – The Oscillators
Tutorial 03 – The Sub and Noise Oscillators
Tutorial 04 – Wavetables
Tutorial 05 – The Filters
Tutorial 06 – The Envelopes
Tutorial 07 – The LFO’s
Tutorial 08 – Velocity and Note Modulation
Tutorial 09 – The Macros
Tutorial 10 – Modulation Matrix
Tutorial 11 – The FX Panel
Tutorial 12 – The Global Panel
Tutorial 13 – The Menu and Presets
Tutorial 14 – Creating Dubstep Presets
Tutorial 15 – Creating Lead and Chord Presets
Tutorial 16 – Creating Bass and FX Presets
Tutorial 17 – Creating Trance Presets


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