Sonnemm Dembow Angels Vol. II WAV

Sonnemm Dembow Angels Vol. II WAV

Sonnemm Dembow Angels Vol. II WAV

Following the successful release of Dembow Angels Vol I, this sample pack contains a exclusive collection of refreshed synths, flutes and percussion patterns. Every single sample has been handcrafted in order to deliver you the spark of latin inspiration you were looking for.

30 Sounds

Peruvian Music Industry Icon Emmanuel Andre A.K.A “Sonnemm” joins now the selective ranks of Sonnemm is a LA-Based Songwriter and Music Producer who has worked in different projects for the local and international Music Industry. His work in successful Latin American musical projects as ANIA, Riviere, Paramusicales, Galaxias and many more lead him to move to the capital of entertainment industry, Los Angeles, where, obsessed with perfectionism and with the search of the sound of the future, he keep working every day on the development of unique packs, melodies, songs, and patterns. Circuit Jerks, Charlotte Bash, J’Adaku are just some of the Angelino artist Sonnemm has work with, where his creativity has been crucial to the imminent success of these.


Demo Preview:

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