Mixtank.tv Space Jump Salute Making A Tech House Banger TUTORIAL

 Space Jump Salute Making A Tech House Banger TUTORIAL

Mixtank.tv Space Jump Salute Making A Tech House Banger TUTORIAL

With releases on Glasgow Underground, Toolroom, Armada and LoveJuice, Space Jump Salute is a producer whose big, club-ready tech-house sound is hitting the right spot for tastemakers like Jamie Jones, Annie Mac, Soalrdo and Danny Howard.

Following on from his inaugural entry into our ‘My First Hour’ series, Marcus returns with a full-length production tutorial that sees him create a heavyweight tech-house banger from scratch. Weighing in at over 3 hours, the course is the perfect entry-level introduction to writing electronic music on Ableton that covers every step of the production process and will teach you a wide range of transferable production skills, including:

  •  How to build a ‘Tech House Banger’ from scratch in Ableton Live
  •  How to quickly and effectively manipulate audio in Ableton
  •  How to get that sought-after tech house groove and bass sound
  •  A full explanation of how to use some of Ableton’s best features
  •  Tips and tricks to speed up your creative workflow and get the best results from your DAW
  • Learn simple but effective mixing tips to get your tracks sounding dancefloor-ready


  • 1. Creating The Initial Groove
  • 2. High-Pass Kick Technique
  • 3. Layering Hi-Hats
  • 4. Adding A Ride To The Groove
  • 5. Improving The Groove
  • 6. Crafting The Bassline
  • 7. Adding Synth Stabs
  • 8. Arranging The Vocal Samples
  • 9. Adding Transition FX
  • 10. Tightening The Kick Drum
  • 11. Processing The Drum Layers
  • 12. Shaping The Bassline
  • 13. Balancing The Vocals & Synths
  • 14. A Touch Of House-Keeping
  • 15. Creating The Breakdown
  • 16. Creating The Arrangement
  • 17. Developing The Progression
  • 18. Mixing The Track


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