Splice Explores Ultrasonics WAV

Splice Explores Ultrasonics WAV

Splice Explores Ultrasonics WAV

Have you ever asked yourself, what lies beyond our ears? What sounds are whirling around us without our conscious brains catching them? What conversations are being had by plants and animals that we’ll never know?

The mysterious world of Ultrasonics is an entirely new look into a hidden world of sound. LA-based composer and sound designer, Liam Fox-O’Brien helps us bring that world to life and unlock a treasure trove of previously unknown sonic artifacts from outside of our hearing range.

With a passion for innovation and creative sound design, Liam has a broad musical vocabulary and an obsession with the unusual. Each recorded file has been manipulated and transposed into our hearing range to reveal the previously inaudible. Dig into ambiances, high-pitched chirps, and otherworldly reverb.

120 Loops
154 One Shots

Sonic adventures featuring the most unique, unexpected sounds.


Demo Preview:

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