SRR Commercial Chart Topping Dance Vocals WAV

SRR Commercial Chart Topping Dance Vocals WAV

SRR Commercial Chart Topping Dance Vocals WAV

Welcome to Commercial Chart Topping Dance Vocals brought to you by SRR.

Commercial popular chart house music is rare to find as just an instrumental making these vocals samples an essential edition to any popular radio play focused producer.

Take your track from just another instrumental to a popular chart stomping hit. All the vocals are processed and ready for you to drop straight into your track. Add your own FX and you’re ready to roll out the next big hit.

We’ve also created 4, 8 and 16 bar vocal riffs for you to use in your tracks as melodic and rhythmic hooks that will make your track stand out from the crowd and keep the club and radio play pumping.

We’ve selected key phrases that can be used as single vocal elements. These riffs and phrases have been provided dry and effected for those of you who want to drop the sample in and watch you track fly.

The pack contains 114 unique royalty free vocal samples sung and written by three professional vocalists. The vocalists’ unique samples have been recorded at four bpms: 120, 122, 124 and 128 in multiple keys.

The songwriters for this pack have chosen to remain anonymous but we can reveal that the creative stars are chart stomping successful top line writers who have both racked up millions of online streams both on youtube and Spotify, as well as radio support and live tours as artists in the their own right across the world and at main stages across major festivals.
Please take note that this is a vocal pack – the instrumental parts in the demo are not included.

  •  Featuring three female vocalists
  •  839.1 MB 24bit wav files
  •  114 unique vocal samples
  •  82 full vocal hooks
  •  11 full vocal hooks at 120 bpm
  •  27 full vocal hooks at 122 bpm
  •  16 full vocal hooks at 124 bpm
  •  28 full vocal full vocal hooks 128 bpm
  •  32 dry vocal riffs and single phrases
  •  30 effected vocal riffs and single phrases


Demo Preview:

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