The Solos Dominant Molecules WAV

The Solos Dominant Molecules WAV

Brooding, Throbbing, Pressing, Evolving, Pulsating, Rising, Intimidating, Pressing, Looming, Wheezing and Dark, Low, Spacious, Organic, Ominous, Deep, Rhythmic and Momentous Soundscapes. We would like to present you Dominant Molecules, for your film, electronic and trailer scores. WAV format 24bit 48khz. The Solos.

We are The Solos – We are a collective of musicians, artists, composers, sound designers, producers and programmers – we work on global films, trailers and commercials locally from Amsterdam and Los Angeles – We are autonomous team players who pursue originality and the familiar – We love to create and destroy, follow and lead in a mainstream cutting edge way – We are The Solos

54 Sounds


Demo Preview:

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