The Unfinished Diva Praxis Synth Presets H2P

The Unfinished Diva Praxis Synth Presets

The Unfinished Diva Praxis Synth Presets H2P

Diva Praxis is a collection of 128 patches for u-he’s Diva synth.

Dark and drifty, grimey and gorgeous, creepy and cool; Praxis shines an analogue light into the murkiest sonic territory. Dusty analogue synths on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Lush, experimental, warm, esoteric.

It features greasy, brutal basses; noisy, wandering pads; eclectic, kinetic sequences; characterful, detuned leads; sinister, deep soundscapes and drones.

If you like the scores of Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury (Ex Machina), Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross (Gone Girl), Disasterpeace and John Carpenter; or the electronica of Boards of Canada, Lorn and Rival Consoles, you will be delighted and tormented by Diva Praxis in equal measure.

As ever, there’s plenty of useful. fun and crazy (in equal measure) modulation to be found via the modwheel. And now, with the latest version of Diva, each patch also contains tags, allowing you to find the sound you’re after more quickly with the NKS system for NI Kontrol.

Grab your favourite zombie, pack them into the passenger seat of your hover car and head off into a neon, dystopian future where the robots are in charge but they’re not happy about it. Let Praxislure you into the beautiful abyss.


Demo Preview:

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