The Verticals New York Underground House Beats Sample Pack

The Verticals New York Underground House Beats Sample Pack

The Verticals New York Underground House Beats MULTIFORMAT

There is no doubt that House Music dominated the world in the 90’s and New York has always been the capital of creativity. At that time, the most classiest ever produced House grooves came from New York. This collection brings the infectious grooves and sounds of the golden era of House into your own productions. So let’s turn back time and rediscover the variety of New York Underground House Beats!

280 Drum Loops

All drum loops are Key-labelled throughout and served as 24-bit WAV and Apple loops at 123bpm. You can expect the grooviest drum loops supplied in various versions.

165 Drum Samples

Of course you can build your own beats with masterly crafted and processed drum samples. The drum samples come stuffed with folders of signature drum hits. Especially the latin drums represent the multicultural background of New York House.

6 Multikits

Explore the multi-faceted house scene of New York by the multikits! The collection of sounds in every multikit represents various styles of New York House. Choose the „MAW“ multikit for processed natural drums and latino flair. Choose the „Smack“ multikit for punchy, slightly saturated drums. Or choose the „Classic“ multikit for programming elegant Jersey House beats. Additional multikits are „King Street“, „Westend“ and „World“.

The Drum Pattern Tool

Take advantage of the Drum Pattern Tool (Ableton) for an extra boost of your inspiration. This tool is the fun way of choosing drum sounds for your perfect beat.
Watch the tool in action

What you can not expect: Plastic sounds and lazy rhythms.


Demo Preview:

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