TrakTrain City Sunrise Lo-Fi Hip Hop Pack WAV

TrakTrain City Sunrise Lo-Fi Hip Hop Pack WAV

TrakTrain City Sunrise Lo-Fi Hip Hop Pack WAV

Traktrain is proud to present the “City Sunrise” Lo-Fi sample pack with 320 high-quality samples created by an affiliated producer. They include bass, drum, and melody loops as well as some one-shots, voice, and effects samples. This kit is perfect for creating Lo-Fi Hip-Hop beats. In addition, its contents will sound great in such genres as Boombap, Trap, and Future Garage as well.

This kit is like a swiss army knife for Hip-Hop production – all you need to start making tracks, and more to add to the unfinished projects. Firstly, drum loops that sound dense and spacious can inspire dozens of tracks to come. Secondly, ripping basslines will help lay the foundation for the other instruments. Additionally, there are mellow synth melodic loops to complement the beat as well as some effects and voice loops. The author added tempo and key definitions for loops and cuts for convenience wherever it’s relevant. The kit also features drum one-shots that the loops consist of: kicks, snares, hats, percs, and cymbals.

130 Loops
190 One Shots

For rappers looking for instrumentals with an extra side of haze, many turn to Traktrain’s community of 10,000 artists for experimental, lo fi, and chill atmospheres that characterize their library. Now, artists from TrakTrain step forward and bring their palette of sounds for the Splice community to explore. With truth to their motto, hop aboard the TrakTrain and create the tracks that’ll make your mark.


Demo Preview:

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