Trap Jewels Sample Pack WAV

Trap Jewels Sample Pack WAV

Trap Jewels Sample Pack WAV

For the last decade, trap music has taken over the landscape of hip hop. No matter what region a producer or artist is from, you will hear a trap influence in nearly every popular rap song released today.

There is no mistaking however, that trap originated from Atlanta. With “Trap Jewels”, we wanted to take you straight to the source, with loops designed specifically in the style of ATL-bred music.

As always, we use primarily analog synthesizers (even our 808’s), which give “Trap Jewels” a more present and up-front sound (compared to much of hip hop today that uses digital VST’s).

Our 808 sounds are crafted through modular synthesis (Korg MS-20) and will punch through your mix with ease. Trap Jewels is an exclusive  release, available only at the store!

Digital download. All sounds included are compatible with any DAW or sampler (44.1K).


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