TS TROPICOOL – Irie Sounds + Riddim

TS TROPICOOL - Irie Sounds + Riddim

TS TROPICOOL – Irie Sounds + Riddim

Put your hand over your chest. You feel that? You might think that’s the natural beat of your heart receiving blood from your body and pumping it back into your lungs. In one sense, that’s what happening — if not, you should stop reading this and seek professional medical attention immediately. But what else is happening? We’d argue it’s the rhythm of your heart longing for blue skies, sunglasses, palm trees, sandy beaches, 110 bpms, four on the floor, a cold (preferably strong) drink, a sunset that will steal away your breath, and friends to take it all in with. The weather’s getting warmer and there couldn’t be a better time to turn up the faders, roll down the windows, and make some fun, warm weather music. To do that, we’d like to introduce you to Tropicool — a comprehensive collaboration of drums and percussion samples in both acoustic and electronic flavor. Congas, bongos, timbales, bells, reggae hits, rimshots, sticks and knocks, and a ton more. We’re talking 1,745 dynamic, vibey drum and percussion samples. We’ve even included steel drums and some incredible vocal chants by our good friend, Nigerian singer-songwriter, Nduka the Chief. Seriously not messing around with this one. Oh, and of course the loops. Nearly 100 irie electronic and acoustic riddims in a wide range of tempos, including performances from our favorite drummer, Paul Mabury. Start your next track with something more upbeat and dance-worthy, like the Afro-Cuban and reggaeton rhythms of Puerto Rico, Latin America, the Caribbean, and West Africa. Or pull it back with a loop that’s more chill and relaxed like the rhythms of Marley’s Jamaica. Or just use the individual stems from each loop to take yourself on a musical journey to your own island. Either way, our Tropicool library is equipped and ready to take you from the studio to the beach, and from the beach to the charts. Tropicool will be available for purchase later this month.


1745 total one-shot and multi-velocity samples, 23 hats, 40 kicks, 29 snares, 14 rimshots, 34 saucepan hits, 1126 steel drums, 14 sticks and knocks, 25 timbales, 11 toms, 316 vocal chants, 5 bells, 14 bongos, 33 claps, 28 congas, 4 cymbals, 10 go bells, and more.

Nearly 100 loops, split into individual stems in a wide range of tempos and styles. (More specifics to come).

Ableton, Reason, EXS24, Battery 4, Maschine 2, and Kontakt 5 (full version — presets won’t work with the free Kontakt version).

For more information or help installing our presets, please visit our Help Center.


Demo Preview:

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