Udemy Basics of Songwriting TUTORIAL

Udemy Basics of Songwriting TUTORIAL

Udemy Basics of Songwriting TUTORIAL
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Learn to things you need to know, to write the music you need to write

This course covers some of the basic ideas in song-writing. Ever listened to a song you love and thought, how did they do it? This course offers some interesting ways to understand how lyrics and music are put together to write songs.

Learn The Simple Things That Make A Great Song

Learn how to analyse and break down lyrics
Understand how verses and choruses are constructed
Use easy ideas to create your own songs
Examine case studies of famous songs by various artists
Understand what makes a great chord progression
Learn about the different parts of a song
Since the dawn of civilization, people have been using songs to communicate with each other, express ideas, and allow them to express their thoughts and feelings. The song is the simplest way in which ideas can be spread with music. There are no methods of creating art that are more wide-spread and accessible than the song.

In this course, we look at how songs are put together. You will understand the important things to look for when listening to a song, and you will also know how to create your own songs based on these same ideas.

You will begin by looking at lyrics. How are they put together, do they rhyme, and do the words have any implicit musical qualities? You will analyse two songs from different genres and times and see how various tricks are used to understand the song. From here, we can write a new song based on the same ideas.

Next up you will come to understand harmonic progressions. Which chords should be used underneath your words? There are a few music theory tricks to help you here, and by analyzing a couple of different songs, you will start to see how these progressions work – many of them are made up of the same chords! From this understanding, you can create a chord progression for your lyrics.

Finally, we look at how to transform your chords and lyrics into a complete song. You will understand and be able to identify the parts of a song. You will also know about different instruments and some of the basic principles of arranging and producing music. We finish up at a point where you can go ahead and start looking at putting together your song.


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