Udemy Learn To Play The Piano! Fast Track Piano Methods! TUTORIAL

Udemy Learn To Play The Piano! Fast Track Piano Methods! TUTORIAL

Udemy Learn To Play The Piano! Fast Track Piano Methods! TUTORIAL

Learn how to play the piano fast with authentic piano lessons formulated for all levels of learning abilities. This course is updated with new step by step content almost weekly. Learn anywhere, anytime, at any pace.

Our thoughtfully formulated piano lessons are a great way to start your music learning journey. By completing the courses and practicing with our unique piano teaching methods you will quickly understand how to play the piano.

  •  Step by Step Guide For Your Musical Success
  •  New Lesson Uploaded Weekly
  •  Piano Lessons for Beginner – Intermediate
  •  Piano Lessons For Kids Ages 4 And Up & Adults
  •  Authentic Lessons From a Real-Life Music Teacher
  •  Unconventional Lesson Methods
  •  Simplified Lessons Format For All Levels of Learning
  •  Fast Track Methods That Produce Fast Results
  •  No Wasteful or Unnecessary Piano Classes
  •  Piano Lessons Formulated Over a Period of 2 Decades
  •  Systematically Formulated to Get You Playing in a Very Short Amount of Time
  •  Learn the Necessary Foundations of Music So You Can Play Any Desired Song
  •  Learn to Play Piano, Music, Songwriting, Music Theory

Instead of visiting music schools or paying for piano teachers to come to your home, with our piano tutorial video classes you get a more affordable and accessible way to learn how to play piano.

We continue to add new lesson content to this course almost weekly. The upcoming content will include putting chords together to create great sounding songs.
Who this course is for:

This course is for the absolute beginner who would like to be put on a fast track towards beginning to play the piano like a pro.

Beginners who would like to be able to play the piano without wasting time on unnecessary lessons. This course gets right to it and is designed for beginners ages 4 – adult.
Authentic lessons; formulated for all types of learning abilities. Learn anywhere, anytime, at any pace.

What you’ll learn:

  • Start by Learning the Basics: Finger System, Keyboard Navigation, Music Staff, Note Timing, Note Recognition, Half Steps & Whole Steps, Sharps & Flats
  • Learn The Basic Major & Minor Scales: Begin training your musical ear & familiarizing yourself with notes & keys by learning the basic major & minor scales
  • Implement the Left Hand: The left hand is hard. We have created systematic lessons that are designed to train your left hand in a simple yet very effective way
  • Learn Basic Major & Minor Chords: Learning chords will significantly help you when it comes to ear training, reading music, writing music & improvising
  • Chord Progression: Learn to put chords together to create beautiful songs. Begin to write songs and allow your creativity and musical ear to freely flow

Course content
6 sections • 47 lectures • 4h 33m total length


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