Udemy Piano or Keyboard Lessons | Play by ear | Learn from scratch TUTORIAL

Udemy Piano or Keyboard Lessons  Play by ear  Learn from scratch TUTORIAL

Udemy Piano or Keyboard Lessons | Play by ear | Learn from scratch TUTORIAL

Want to amaze your friends, your family, your work colleagues? Or you want to pursue a professional career as a pianist/keyboardist?

Piano and keyboard lessons for beginners and advanced players – Learn scales, chords, theory.. using formulas

You’ll learn everything – from core basic fundamentals of playing the piano and keyboards, up to the most demanding advanced stuff which use professional players, simply by using formulas along with theoretics which were made to avoid from being boring.

• No experience needed
• These lessons work for pianos and keyboards (synthesizers as well)
• The practice needed is 20-30 minutes per day

Why would you choose this course?

We’ve got your covered. You haven’t even touched a piano/keyboard ever before? All good. This is explained from the very basics to the really advanced level of playing. Everything is in ONE place – in ONE course.

We got you covered here, too. Additional sheets for theory are available, such as finger positions for scales, etc. But after each lesson, you’ll do some assignments to see if you understood everything correctly. Once you do these, you can check if your answers are correct with the answers sheet which is provided as well.

What you’ll learn:

  • 1. Intervals
  • 2. Chromatic scale and finger positions
  • 3. Formulation of major scales
  • 4 – Formulation of minor scales
  • 5 – The circle of fifths and fourths
  • 6 – Major and minor chords
  • 7 – Diminished and augmented chords
  • 8 – Chord inversions
  • 9 – Scale degrees
  • 10 – Major and minor 6th chords
  • 11 – 7th chords
  • 12 – Chord extensions – 9th, 11th and 13th
  • 13 – Altered, add and suspended chords
  • 14 – Building chords on scales
  • 15 – Harmonic functions and roman numerals
  • 16 – Basics of rhythm in 4-4 and harmonic progressions
  • 17 – Happy birthday, your first song
  • 18 – How to use diminished and augmented chords
  • 19 – How to use dominant, major and minor 7th chords
  • 20 – How to use the half-diminished 7th chords
  • 21 – How to use major and minor 6th chords
  • 22 – How to use suspended chords
  • 23 – Formulation of melodic and harmonic minor scales
  • 24 – Formulation of pentatonic and blues scales
  • 25 – Secondary dominants
  • 26 – Tritone substitutions
  • 27 – Functional harmony and cadences
  • 28 – Modal interchange chords


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