Ueberschall Wild Chases Revisited ELASTIK

Ueberschall Wild Chases Revisited ELASTIK

Ueberschall Wild Chases Revisited ELASTIK

Wild Chases Revisited
Wild Chases Revisited takes the dramatic electronica-based construction kits found in the original Wild Chases release and reimagines them as powerful, hard hitting, guitar-based rock. With overdriven electric guitars, driving electric bass, and powerful acoustic drum performances, Wild Chases Revisited can deliver the perfect combination of dark moods, tension and a sinister edge for your next music cue or song project.

Hard-Hitting Overdriven Guitars
Containing over 4GB of data featuring nearly 1200 loops, Wild Chases Revisited is organized into 10 massive construction kits matching the 10 kits found in the original Wild Chases release. Each kit features between two and four distinct musical sections as well as dedicated intro and outro parts. This format makes it easy to build a full musical arrangement with plenty of variation. Original tempos range from 130 to 150 BPM to maintain the sense of fast-paced motion. And, with Elastik’s high-quality tempo manipulation tools, you can easily match the tempo of the kits to your project’s exact needs.

Powerful Drum Rhythms
Within each construction kit, each section contains multiple guitar parts and a bass line. Recordings from the live amp and a DI (line) signal are available for both guitar and bass meaning you have a great studio recording for instant results or the option to apply your own distortion and effects. Additional guitar and sound effects loops are included in many of the kit sections for additional variety. The acoustic drum parts are provided as both a pre-mixed loop (for ease of use) and as full multitrack loop sets. The latter include kick drum with three different microphone positions, snare drum with top and bottom mics, hihat, tom, overheads and three different room microphones. You therefore have complete control over your drum mix. It also offers creative options such as using the alternative kick drum mics with Elastik’s pitch, formant and speed tools if you want a more experimental drum sound.

Designed For Tension, Drama And Suspense
The two Wild Chases titles make the perfect combination. Owners of both libraries can easily blend between the electronica of the original release and the rock of the Revisted title. As with the original release, Wild Chases Revisited is a great choice for film or TV composers looking to create a sense of drama, tension, intensity and suspense. It’s also ideal for songwriters looking for a dark and dramatic rock mood.

Guitar, Bass and Synths played by Kai Reuter. Drums played by Matthias Meusel.


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