UVI Soundbank Austrian Grand v1.0.3 for Falcon Expansion

UVI Soundbank Austrian Grand v1.0.3 for Falcon Expansion

UVI Soundbank Austrian Grand v1.0.3 for Falcon Expansion


  • Experience the rich and powerful sound of a world-class concert grand piano
  • Captured in the renowned Guillaume Tell sound stage in Paris
  • Deep tone shaping tools, pro-grade effects, and adjustable mics

Billed as the ultimate concert grand, the Austrian Grand is renowned for its rich sound and exemplary dynamics. Deeply multi-sampled at the Guillaume Tell sound stage in Paris, painstakingly balanced, and lovingly optimized through collaborative feedback with concert pianists, our Austrian Grand delivers the pure sound of a majestic and effortlessly beautiful piano in a world-class studio.
Through a comprehensive and meticulous recording process we are able to deliver an extraordinarily natural playing experience allowing expression across the full dynamic range, from the softest kiss of the high C to thundering hammers of the low A, and the infinite multitude of paths traveled between.

With advanced scripting, numerous keygroup layers, and intelligent rule switching, every subtlety and nuance of your performance is accurately translated into sound, while a handy front-panel Velocity Curve control helps you quickly find the sweet spot no matter what keybed you happen to be playing.

Explore a number of finely-tuned preset configurations or take command of your sound to create the perfect acoustics for your mix. Discrete microphone controls let you go from the detail and immediacy of player position to rich and complex cinematic resonances, while individual levels for Sustain, Release, Sympathetic Resonance, and Pedal let you define and balance your sound with absolute control.

Finally, a selection of studio-grade effects are at your disposal, with both IR-based and algorithmic reverb processors, 3-band EQ with tone and drive, multi-mode modulation processor with Phasor, Thorus, flanger and rotary speaker simulator, and a digital delay. Set your piano in a small club, a concert hall, a thick wave of ambient wash, or wherever else your creativity guides you.

The sound of Austrian Grand is exquisite and immediately inspiring, delivering a piano of particular beauty and acclaim, and a worthy creative partner in your musical journey.


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