UVI Soundbank Toy Suite v1.0.2 for Falcon Expansion

UVI Soundbank Toy Suite v1.0.2 for Falcon Expansion

UVI Soundbank Toy Suite v1.0.2 for Falcon Expansion

Our most eclectic and uniquely inspiring instruments collection, Toy Suite is packed to the brim with the sounds of fanciful wonder and nostalgia. Over 370 toy instruments await, including old and new ones, for big kids and little ones, acoustic toys, electric toys, and even the sounds of video games from the ‘70s and ‘80s!

Explore an enormous range of timbres from toys built all over the world; tiny pianos, guitars, organs, drums, percussions, whistles, metallophones, bells, shakers, moo-cans, music boxes, drum machines, melodicas, accordions, harmonicas, trumpets, samplers, style-o-phones, talking toys and more! Whether you’re a player, producer or sound designer, you’re sure to find unique and charactered sounds that inspire and add depth to your productions. It’s a truly massive collection!

From the tender tones of little xylophones to the crackly lo-fi melodies of mini-samplers you’ll experience every detail in stunning clarity. We utilized the same professional studio, class-A microphones, outboard processors, multi-sampling techniques and expert editing to produce the sounds of Toy Suite that we’ve used on countless classical instruments. You’ll find outstanding sound quality, performance and reliability across the entire suite.

Toy Pianos and Keys
The most complete selection of toy pianos in the world, including Michelsonne pianos, rare wood pianos and more

Xylophone and Metal
A great selection of xylophones and metallophones, sanzas and clavi-harps

Children’s Bells
Simple bells, key triggered bells and chimes

Toy Guitars
Multi-sampled guitars and ukuleles, chords and loops, all expertly played in various tempos and every key

Music Boxes
Distinct classics and newer models with clean tones. Classic models come with presets that can randomly play each note

Baby Drums
A child’s school set and a very cheap cardboard set, both recorded with a session drummer in a professional studio

Baby Percussion
More than a dozen different percussive instruments cover a wide range of styles

Melodicas, accordions and harmonicas

Blow Toys
Recorders, whistles, tiny trumpets and more

Ancient Automates
Animated plush animals

Roly-poly toys, moo boxes, play centers and more

Musical Gadgets
Giggle sticks, puzzling boomwhackers and everything else that we couldn’t easily categorize


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