Veguzzi MIDI Pack Vol.1

Veguzzi MIDI Pack Vol.1

Veguzzi MIDI Pack Vol.1

Get instant inspiration and finish your beats much faster with over 150 melodies and progressions!

Keep inspiration at your fingertips.

Stuck on a clue and need inspiration?

Did the initial creative spark you had when the track started fade?

Have lots of unfinished music on your hard drive?

If so, we have the perfect solution for you.

I present to you: Midi Pack Vol. 1 – 100% Royalty Free

Choose from over 150 available melodies and chord progressions made by Veguzzi

You just drag to your favorite production show and you have the melody done. That easy!

It also includes Major and Minor chord progression, so you can create your own progression and melodies without fail!

Spark your creativity and give your unfinished tracks exactly what they need to come back to life.

Quickly start and end tracks so you can release more music.

Eliminate the need for complex music theory so you can focus on what matters most.

Elevate your progress as a producer by shooting more tracks than ever.

Join more than 500 producers who are getting more inspired, more creative and finishing more music than ever with the MIDI Pack Vol. 1

Works in all programs!


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