Vocal Roads Rapping Flow WAV

Vocal Roads Rapping Flow WAV

Vocal Roads Rapping Flow WAV

Warning! Parental advisory: explicit content.

Vocal Roads proudly presents “RAPPING FLOW PACK”, a collection of mixed raps and vocals inspired by top notch industry cats like Kanye, Drake, Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator and many others, New school flow all tha way! So rock your mic with no regrets and with no fuss, its 100% ROYALTY FREE. This magnificent sample pack generously contains both wet vocals, through reverb, delay and stereo widening effects, and dry vocal stems with lyrics.

Sayin’ in detail, you should be ready for a precious 618MB of sound goodies, including 111 files of premium class content (note: all audio at 24Bit & 44.1KHZ). In total, you purchase 5 incredible songs with 24 dry main vocal stems, 16 dry back vocal stems, 44 dry phrases, 6 wet vocal stems and all wet stems from instrumentals.

Whether you are a recording artist or underground rapper, we cooked for you a lotta simple but fantastically appetizing heavy beats with hazy melodies, which bring the brightest memories of yesteryear. Those old good times when you just bought the first pair of your Yeezy kicks, when OFWGKTA was still united, lol

Due to the solid variety of 90-120 bpm tempos, our flossy vocal samples will suit your needs in the fields of classy prods for trap, trip-hop and more. Give your stilo a second breath with our “RAPPING FLOW PACK”. Get bubblin’ n’ rich!

  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 5 songs
  • 1 demo
  • 5 lyrics
  • 24 dry main voc stems
  • 16 dry back voc stems
  • 44 dry phrases
  • 6 wet vocal stems
  • 5 drum stems
  • 5 bass stems
  • 5 melody stems


Demo Preview:

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