Dubstep Snare From Scratch TUTORIAL

 Dubstep Snare From Scratch TUTORiAL

Dubstep Snare From Scratch TUTORIAL

It doesn’t matter what style of music you are into, we all share some common ground. We all love a heavy, hard hitting snare. In this course Dan Larsson instructs us on how to synthesize a legit Dub snare using Ableton Operator.

Video 1 – Bottom

We will learn the buildup of a synthesized snare and how to make one on our own. We will follow up with the most fundamental part, the bass, or what Dan calls “the tummy or the bottom.”

Video 2 – Transient

A transient, or that “click”, can give your snare sound a real punch, and if you do it right your snare will always cut through the mix. In this video Dan demonstrates 2 ways of synthesizing some exciting transients.

Video 3 – Tail

Synthesizing a snare tail isn’t as easy as you may think. While it is a “white noise”, we need to add some metallic content to it. Abelton Operator is a perfect tool for creating the perfect snare tail.

Video 4 – Mix

When all 3 layers come together all we need to do is make some minor adjustments and then glue them together into 1 amazing sound. Also, resampling the snare can make a surprising improvement to your end result.


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