Warp Academy SOURCE CODE | Ain’t no Sunshine TUTORIAL

Warp Academy SOURCE CODE | Ain’t no Sunshine TUTORIAL

Warp Academy Source Code Ain’t no Sunshine TUTORIAL

Source Code is a special series we offer at Warp Academy where a veteran producer is brought in to reveal all the production secrets used to make one of their popular songs. This episode is with Vespers where he’ll peel back the layers and walk you through his highly acclaimed bass-music rework of Ain’t No Sunshine.

By unlocking the project file (the “source code”) and exploring the full depth of the tune, you’ll learn invaluable aspects of sound design, composition, workflow, mixing, and mastering. You also get to download and keep the real project file so absolutely nothing is held back!

Source Code is all about real world, practical knowledge and reverse engineering commercially released productions. No theory here, just straight up, legit tips that actually work.


  • Level-up your sound design skills
  • See how how all of the core sounds were made and processed
  • Tons of never-before shared techniques
  • Discover all the hidden secrets and workflow tips inside the music
  • Includes tons of mixing and processing chains
  • Learn how the custom Racks and FX chains were constructed
  • See how you can flex the full potential of Live’s devices
  • Pick up countless engineering pro-tips
  • Your ticket to bigger, fatter, more polished sounds
  • See how a professional audio engineer uses all the power features of Live
  • Hear the finished master, then explore how each track and sound was meticulously mixed
  • Check out the full mastering chain on the song


  • The Ableton Live project file for this song
  • All the effects, Racks and processing chains used
  • 2 hours of training


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