Waveform Recordings Raw House 2 WAV

Waveform Recordings Raw House 2 WAV

Waveform Recordings Raw House 2 WAV

Raw House 2, Waveform follow up one of the funkiest packs we’ve ever heard, both rhythmically & musically, with another banger.

This pack delivers pure straight up house, tech house, & deep house music.

With nods to classic Chicago and Detroit, with contemporary tech & deep-house muscle.

Filled with funk-fuelled music loops, slinky bass, early Chicago/Detroit warehouse grooves, live percussion, twisted vocals, trippy leads, tops and a bumper selection of stabs, key FX, ambience, vinyl noise, kicks, snares, claps and more.

The Waveform team go back to their roots, throwing deeper and more organic tones into the mix.

Beat Loops > 48 warehouse-rocking drum grooves from 118 to 121bpm with variant loops offered for programming flexibility.

Beats informed by elements of disco, funk, early breakbeat and more – all combined with the up-to-the- moment production sensibilities of deep and tech beats.

Top Loops > 63 stripped-back tops and jacked out rhythms. Add a kick and roll.

Bass Loops > 13 sub and Live-inspired retro runs, jazzy P- bass and slap-licks – remastered to slip into the depths of a mix.

Music Loops > 35 brass-laden, afro-tinged, dark funk, lounge-layered, key hammered workouts – lush music loops to inspire.

Percussive Loops > 38 deep tribal-inspired grooves, many offered with variants, Some of the funkiest percussion we’ve ever heard.

Vox Loops > 12 re-worked vocal toplines with the trademark Waveform sound.

FX >10 old-skool modded out fx

Single Hits > 97 hard hitting disco kicks, funk snares, jazzy hats and much more.

All loops are offered as 24-bit Wavs with tempo information in the filenames.


Demo Preview:

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