Westwood Instruments Percussion Untamed KONTAKT

Percussion Untamed

Westwood Instruments Percussion Untamed KONTAKT

A percussion instrument made from the sounds of tapping, knocking, hitting and scraping a violin, viola, cello and bass. Recorded during the Solo Strings Untamed sessions, we captured 40 unique sounds. With a really human feeling behind each one, some of the sounds are more traditional, whilst others are much more experimental.

Included are over 200 drag-and-drop MIDI loops written and performed by percussionists. A brilliant starting point if you need a hit of instant inspiration. Equally helpful if you’re on a tight deadline and just need something that works.

Either way this is a percussion sample library that’s just a bit different. It’s right at home in rhythmical string quartet arrangements as well as full-on action cues when you need something that doesn’t sound like every other composer’s taiko drums.


  • Over 1200 samples
  • Over 700 MB uncompressed WAVs
  • Full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 and above
  • Will NOT work in the free Player


Everything to hand

As with all our custom designed interfaces, we want you to have a logical and clear layout with everything to hand.

To help you easily understand the instrument, you can hover over any control and instructions appear in the info panel of the Kontakt window.

Played by humans, not programmed by robots.

If you just need an instant hit of inspiration, there are 220 beat-syncable and instantly playable 4-bar loops. You can trigger them with a single key or drag the raw MIDI data into you DAW for further editing and manipulation.

These loops haven’t been programmed by robots, but been played by humans. Written and performed by talented percussionists, drummers and composers, who live and breathe rhythm. Please resist the urge to quantise.

With a range of film-influenced styles and 5 different time signatures, you’ll be sure to find something to either drop into an existing composition, or use one to kick-start a blank page.


Grouped into 60 different sets of ideas, each with 4 loops of varying intensities; Minimal, Simple, Standard, Complex.

You can easily get something that matches both the feeling and the energy of your composition.


If you want a looser feeling to the loops, you can further humanise them using the built-in timing and velocity controls.

These controls relax the natural performance even further to get as far away from the grid as possible.


Demo Preview:

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