Your ENLIGHTENED Guide To Endless Lyric Writing TUTORiAL

Your ENLIGHTENED Guide To Endless Lyric Writing TUTORiAL

A course dedicated to lyrics & songwriting by tapping into (and writing from) your limitless potential.
What you’ll learn

Expand beyond yourself through the practice of writing lyrics.
Make writing an everyday process you enjoy for its own sake.
Tap into a space of allowance within yourself (it’s a thing, you’ll see).
Transform limiting beliefs about yourself/songwriting.
Write lyrics from different and multiple points of view to navigate storytelling.
Structure lyrics to keep listeners engaged through change and variety.
Know when lyrics are and are not necessary in your songs.


An open mind and understanding that the work is on yourself and the actual writing.
A willingness to be honest with yourself and question your beliefs and expectations.
Creating time to write and apply the exercises and lessons.
Validate and accept all your lyrics and be willing to take things beyond what you originally planned.
Explore new things for their own sake of enjoyment, learning and growth.
A pen and paper, recorder or computer to write lyrics.
A playable instrument such as a guitar or piano.
Write Adam (me) without hesitation if you need further understanding or have questions.


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